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"There is no light without shadow" | Ceiling Conical Lamp

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Pendant lamp inspired by the expression "There is no light without shadow".

This lamp is entirely hand-carved, seeking to exalt the beauty and uniqueness of wood. Thus, no two lamps are alike...

Its simple shape blends well with different environments and rooms, whether they are minimalist living rooms, rustic kitchens, or eclectic dining rooms.

Made with prunings from trees and trees that are felled to prevent fires or accidents.


1 - Araucaria - height - 16.5 cm | diameter - 12 cm

2 - Tipuana Tipu - height 18.5 cm | diameter - 12 cm

3 - Cedar - height 20 cm | diameter - 11 cm

4 - Eucalyptus - height 16 cm | diameter - 15.5 cm

5 - Fig tree - height 18.5 cm | diameter - 14 cm

6 - Cypress - height 22 cm | diameter - 13 cm

7 - Unknown - height - 24.5 cm | diameter - 10 cm

8 - Lodão - height - 21 cm | diameter - 12 cm

9 - Unknown - height 21 cm | diameter - 12.5 cm

10 - Burnt Pine - height 22.5 cm | diameter - 11 cm

11 - Araucaria - height 27 cm | diameter 12.5 cm

12 - Acacia - height 27 cm | diameter 11 cm

E27 socket (compatible w/ E26)
Cotton Extension with 150 cm

Metal rose, white or black, with 80 mm


The piece comes with an illustration 10 cm x 15 cm, illustrating the Portuguese expression referred to and explaining its meaning, which can be framed.

Since all items are handmade in wood, there may be slight variations from the images presented.

Cracks and knots are part of the nature of the material and the piece.


Solid Wood w/ Wax-Oil (plant based)



Care and Maintenance

Clean with a dry cloth

Shipping and Delivery

Standard shipping to Europe takes about 5-10 business days. All pieces are shipped with CTT, DPD or GLS to Europe. Shipping to the rest of the world takes between 15 to 25 business days. Orders are shipped with CTT.

Portuguese Expression

"There is no light without shadow" - "Não há luz sem sombra" is a proverb used in the Portuguese language that refers to the necessary balance in all aspects of our life, since one cannot exist without the other.

Handmade in Portugal

All SO-SO objects are designed and handmade in our studio in Cascais - Lisbon. We believe that this slow process of craftwork, where each piece takes its time to come to life, makes them unique and singular. The care and thought that is put in each object makes it singular, so it can be part of people's life. Thank you/ Obrigado.

    All products are designed and manufactured in order to have as little waste as possible.

    We seek to use natural and sustainable materials. We do not use products of animal origin.

    We manufacture locally and on a small scale. We try to have as little impact on the planet as possible.