We are passionate about Portugal: its history and traditions. We like simple and beautiful things, capable of creating unforgettable moments with those we love.

“SO SO” translates into Portuguese as “ASSIM ASSIM”, an expression so characteristic of the Portuguese identity. In this way, we created “SO-SO STORE”, a reflection of our passions, which leads us to create objects inspired by Portuguese proverbs, adages and expressions.

In each piece, we work from the creative process, to its design and production, seeking to create unique and quality products, which convey the attention and care we place in each one.

After all, there are objects that are part of our life and that remind us of people, moments and places: they help keeping our memories alive.

  • This is Maria, one of the people behind SO-SO.

    Born in Cascais, Portugal, 32 years ago.

    Maria is an only child and since she was a little girl she loves to draw. She wanted to be an architect (to design “things”), but also a veterinarian, since she loves animals. She decided to be an architect.

    In college, she met João (the other part of SO-SO) and they've been together ever since.

    She worked for a few years as an architect, before starting SO -SO.

    Maria believes that in today's global world, different cultures and their particularities should be celebrated. That's why all SO-SO pieces are inspired by Portuguese expressions!

    In addition to designing the pieces with João, Maria is responsible for SO-SO's illustrations.

  • This is João, the other part of SO-SO.

    He was born in Castelo Branco, Portugal, 33 years ago.

    He played a lot in the street and in the woods, and he was always building something: sometimes it was a small dam, sometimes it was a tree house. Maybe that's why he moved to Lisbon about 10 years ago to study architecture.

    He had several bands, where he played guitar. He loves Eddie Vedder and Miles Davis: they are part of his soundtrack as he works.

    After working as an architect for several years and being influenced by Scandinavian architecture, he decided he wanted to build something with his own hands. He also discovered the beauty of working with small-scale objects that people can have in their homes. So, with Maria, he founded SO-SO.

    Each piece of SO-SO comes out of his hands: it is carved, sanded and finished in his workshop in Cascais, Portugal. João believes that this small-scale production, where each piece takes its time to come to life, makes them unique and singular, thus being able to be part of the life of those who purchase them.