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"Quetioner's Tongues" | Guessing Game

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This game is inspired by the expression "Questioner's Tongues" - "Línguas de Perguntador". 

It can be played by two players and addresses the issue of endangered animals, seeking to raise awareness for the theme. 

The 21 animals chosen are part of “endangered” species, according to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List. 

Each game consists of two boards, with 21 animals each, and 21 cards with information about them. Each player takes a card and has to guess which animal the opponent has, through questions that can be about the degree of conservation of the animal or about its physical characteristics. In the end, the winner is the one who guesses the opponent's animal first!

Each game is accompanied by an illustration that shows the geographical distribution of the animals and a card with “type questions”, which will help in the first games. After all, the inspiration for this game was the curious spirit of the little ones, who always seek to know more. Here, all questions are welcome!


2 boards, with 21 pieces each

21 cards with information about endangered animals

1 postcard 10 ×15 cm (shows the geographical distribution of the animals)

1 card 10 ×15 cm (with standard questions) 1 cotton cloth bag (to store the game)


All articles are handmade in wood. Therefore, may present slight variations when compared to the ones on the pictures.


Plywood with FSC certification and Wax Oil (plant-based) - EN 71.3 certification


Tray: 18 x 23.5 cm | Pieces: 3 x 5 cm

Care and Maintenance

For a daily cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth.
For a deep cleaning, wipe with a cloth dampened with water and immediately dry.

Shipping and Delivery

Standard shipping to Europe takes about 5-10 business days. All pieces are shipped with CTT, DPD or GLS to Europe. Shipping to the rest of the world takes between 15 to 25 business days. Orders are shipped with CTT.

Portuguese Expression

"Questioner’s tongues" - "Línguas de Perguntador" is a very common answer given to children, in a playful tone, when they insistently ask "what are we going to eat?"
The answer resulted in a game where all questions are welcome, with the aim of knowing a little more about our world and the animals that inhabit it.

Handmade in Portugal

All SO-SO objects are designed and handmade in our studio in Cascais - Lisbon. We believe that this slow process of craftwork, where each piece takes its time to come to life, makes them unique and singular. The care and thought that is put in each object makes it singular, so it can be part of people's life. Thank you/ Obrigado.

    All products are designed and manufactured in order to have as little waste as possible.

    We seek to use natural and sustainable materials. We do not use products of animal origin.

    We manufacture locally and on a small scale. We try to have as little impact on the planet as possible.